Open House


Open House


Open House

The Open House organised by Tecno-Systems at the show-room of Ponzano Veneto in June 2008, was important and participated.
Tecno-systems is on the market since 1993, specialized in integrated technology of advanced solutions that automate, simplify and accelerate the processes of cutting textile, leather and technical textile. During the open house, Tecno-systems presented to the customers important software innovations, such as the Cad Vision, in addition to the renovated technologies for cutting textile, leather and technical textile, such as conveyor system and the system to cut single sheet equipped with heads capable of cutting any thickness accurately and quickly.
The interest and curiosity of visitors, many of whom tested samples of their materials on the site, have enthused the company. In fact after two years of work, this gave the company great satisfaction.

Since 2007 thanks to collaboration with several European partners and through major investments, Tecno-Systems has developed and implemented a range of solutions, such as cutting blade, called Korium, the system water jet, Korium jet, the system of digitizing virtual dime, Pat Scan and Body Scanner, a 3D system that detects the measures of human body in less than 10 seconds.
Solutions that have made it possible to satisfy different markets, such as the industry-fashion clothing, apparel and fashion, furniture, sofas, automotive, nautical, leather and footwear materials and technical textile.
To try and build new solutions to support the customers with a team highly specialized are very important for Tecno-systems to compete in the global marketplace.

Contact us, so we can make cutting tests on your materials, to show you the high precision and efficiency of the different products we offer. We will find the right solution for you!